Kenmore Camera Himalaya Show

Kenmore Camera invited to me to present my Between Heaven and Earth show at a Canon-sponsored event at the Lynnwood, WA Convention Center north of Seattle. I had a great time meeting people. The room was SRO and the response gratifyingly boisterous. The show chronicles how I started with photography in the North Cascades, and how my involvement with a 1984 expedition to the Tibetan side of Mt Everest led to a life-long obsession with the Himalaya. I’ve returned to Tibet, visited Nepal, explored Bhutan, trekked up the Baltoro Glacier of Pakistan, and wandered in northern India. No other part of the world, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest, has influenced my life and work as deeply.

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  1. Susan Cower says:

    Your presentation was EXCELLENT – inspirational, educational, and your so witty. The slides were oh so beautiful. It was delightful to meet you, and to learn you know of my uncle Gus Heinze’s work. Impressive! You inspire me to learn more and more and travel anywhere, anytime. Your watercolors were beautiful also. Do you sell them? THANKS for all you do to chronicle the world with your photos and educate us too while disguised as entertainment. Susan

  2. Tom Kogut says:

    I have seen quite a few of your presenations over the years, but the Himalaya show was absolutely the best ever! Not only were the images and video clips fantastic, it was also a great example of what is possible with today’s presentation software combined with imagination, a coherent theme, and the motivation to put it all together. After 14 trips to India the show made me want to jump on a plane for #15 the next day! Really great program, I can’t wait for the next one!

  3. Bob Towery says:

    Wow, with that image in the presentation, makes my mouth water to see the entire show. I hope to see it someday! Art, maybe you should set up a date, like six months away, to show at a hotel or some type of venue, and have people pay to attend.

  4. Ross Murphy says:

    Art, it was great to see you talk, you are a very good story teller and the added humor is great, I hope to travel and photograph some of these places myself one day, growing up in Seattle as I did you have always been a big inspiration for my work. Thanks, Ross.

  5. Victoria says:

    Happy Earth Day Art,
    Thank you for all you do to artistically and conscientiously promote the conservation of our planet.
    I missed the presentation on the 11th. I hope you have plans to show it again locally sometime in the near future.

  6. I just found out that you will be coming to my area for one of these presentations and I bought tickets for both the presentation and dinner. I am looking forward to this as you are one of my favorite photographers. I enjoy your show and your enthusiasm for photography.

  7. Quite excellent and interesting presentation. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Helene Jaillet says:

    I’m a bit late to the blog but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for the event. I had watched your travelogues on TV and had always hoped to meet and hear you in person. What a fantastic afternoon! Thank you for your generous time spent with those of us who attended. One question I meant to ask you…how did you transition from painting to photography and do you still paint?

    • Avatar photo Jay Goodrich says:

      Hi Helene,

      Art transitioned from painting as he became active climbing mountain peaks around the world in his early 20s. It was more practical to carry a camera instead of an easel and paint.

      He still paints on a regular basis and is even working on a photography project that requires him to first paint all of the backdrops prior to photographing. One of his most recent paintings is titled “Blue Bear”.

      Thank you for your question.


      Jay Goodrich

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