Scam Alert – Don’t Be Fooled By A Wolfe In Art’s Clothing!

A while back I posted a scam alert regarding several impostor accounts on Facebook, pretending to be me. This is a serious issue, as several folks have been fooled by these imitators. Unfortunately it seems Facebook no longer employs actual human beings. Any attempt to contact them simply leads into a loophole of automated responses. Even with all of the evidence to back up my identity, only a small number of fake accounts have actually been closed. Nine times out of ten, we simply receive a response, no doubt automated as well, indicating that the content doesn’t violate Facebook’s policies.

As you can see in this image gallery, the vast majority of these accounts reference “Thomas Wolfe”. Unfortunately, as someone who spends time here or there in the public eye and photographs for a living, it’s not too difficult to find images of both myself and my work. it’s a truly vile feeling to see your photos and your face being used by some reprehensible con artist hoping to manipulate someone who might be a fan of mine.

If you see any of these fake accounts, please report them. Also please note, I never have conversations via any of my social media channels. If you’re talking to me privately on social – it’s not me!

If you’re not sure, my staff is available – just email us at We would love to hear from you if you’ve had a negative experience with an Art Wolfe scammer. If anyone knows how we reach an actual human being at Facebook – that would be fantastic!

Be safe, have a great week!

mountain ridge

Scam Alert – Be Wary Of Impostors!

Social engineering scams are one of the hazards of the internet. It seems a scammer has been using my name in a modeling scam. I can say unequivocally that I am NOT doing model shoots for Adidas or any other apparel company, especially those based in Russia.

If you see or receive a phishing email or a Facebook ad, please take a screenshot or save the email and post it to You can also report the fake accounts and scams on facebook here:

You may also report phishing emails from gmail accounts to Google.

Please be very careful who you give your personal information to!

mountain ridge