Art was able to travel to Kenya and visit with the Maasai during their Emorata ceremony. A circumcision ceremony is the most vital initiation of all rites of passage in the Maasai society. This initiation is performed after puberty in a large group of young men called an age-set. Young men are eager to be circumcised and become warriors. Once the boys become warriors they resume responsibility of security for their territory. Circumcision, or emorata, initiation elevates an individual from childhood to adulthood. In order for the boy to be initiated he must prove himself to the community. The boy must exhibit signs of a grown man, by carrying a heavy spear, herding large herd of livestock, etc. The boy must endure the operation in silence. The healing process will take 3–4 months, and boys must remain in black clothes for a period of 4–8 months.

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