Art Wolfe’s 2022 First Half Image Gallery

Travel these days is a lot of hurry up and wait – hurry up and get a COIVD test, wait for the results. Rinse and repeat. Still, I’ve managed to get to quite a few locations I’ve been meaning to visit and come away with images I’m super happy with. Here you’ll find new images from Brazil, Morocco, Indonesia, Spain, and Washington. I’m just getting warmed up, with several international and domestic destinations on my list!

Enjoy the images, and if you’d like to see even more visit my stock site –

3 Responses to “Art Wolfe’s 2022 First Half Image Gallery”

  1. Sands says:

    So true thank you kudos!

  2. Rae Costa says:

    Wow, amazing gallery. Thank you, Art, for being such a a wonderful inspiration. ❤️

  3. Mark Shunk says:

    Amazing stuff Art! Thanks for sharing both your photos and your gift of teaching and inspiration – it’s made a huge impact on my photography! “Where is that? What is that?”!!

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