#FridayVibes – As Requested, Here Be Dragons!

For the second week in a row I was able to connect with friends and followers live on Facebook and Instagram, and once again I came away with a tremendous sense of elation at being able to connect with everyone. Thank you to everyone who made with with a drink in hand, tequila or otherwise!

We had a few requests to re-post Komodo dragons from my January trip to Indonesia and Komodo Island. A special thank-you to Bill for helping me create a contraption to get my camera down low to shoot them without being eaten! Ask and you shall receive. . .

If you missed last night’s episode of Tequila Time with Art, watch it here as well – and give me a follow on Facebook and Instagram, where you can catch past and eventually future episodes!

4 Responses to “#FridayVibes – As Requested, Here Be Dragons!”

  1. Jean Tryon says:

    Brave photographer, you! They are viscous, nasty, and if I recall, they really stink! Great shots!

  2. Jorg says:

    Hi Art,

    Could you please share some pictures or description of your “shoot down low camera contraption?”

    It might save some less light-footed photographers from receiving bites or scratches.

    Thank you!

  3. Susan Bernat says:

    Thanks, Art, for sharing these terrific images. You described very briefly (during a “Tequila Hour With Art” episode), your encounter with these poisonous animals. Yet, as I examine each shot, I am wondering just how close, or far away, you are while shooting. I mean, in shots #8 and #14, it looks like you are pretty darn close to those tongues! How did you keep your cool while down low, and as they approached you? Are they not capable of moving very fast?

  4. Peter Brisley says:

    Hi Art,

    Just a quick message from us in the U.K to wish you,Gavriel and all the staff a safe passage
    thro’ these troubled times. Sue and I are hunkered down and splitting our time between
    garden works, house renovation and Lightroom Projects. So no change really! You mentioned Oman in your Tequila Chatroom!! we all nearly made it didn’t we?
    Stay Safe and maybe one day we’ll meet up again!!

    Peter and Sue

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