Art Wolfe Photography As Art Instagram Contest #2


PASContest2Welcome to the Art Wolfe #PhotographyAsArt Instagram contest #2! This is the second in a series contests that will highlight the many elements of design integral to crafting compelling images.

Congratulations to our previous winner, Gretchen. Her image was shared on our social media sites as well as our blog!

On July 17th I will be presenting my Photography As Art seminar in Boston. Among the topics we will discuss is pattern. Even in nature, visual patterns are all around us. Let me see your best captures of patterns from the world around you, whether they are completely natural or influenced by man. Remember, It’s Photography as ART – it’s open to interpretation!

The winner will have their selected image resposted to my Facebook and Twitter page, and recognized on my blog at!

Entering is simple:

  1. Follow me on Instagram @artwolfe
  2. Post your personal original photo to your Instagram account using the following hashtags: #ArtWolfe #ExploreCreateInspire #PASBoston
  3. Deadline for entries is midnight PST on July 17th

Feel free to submit multiple images, but always keep in mind that as artists we are only as reputable as our least impactful work!

Best of luck to everyone who enters, and I look forward to more of these in the future!

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