Official Grand Opening of the Rotella Gallery in Soho

See prints from the HUMAN CANVAS now available at the Rotella Gallery.

5 Responses to “Official Grand Opening of the Rotella Gallery in Soho”

  1. Denis says:

    Sincere congratulations and best wishes for every success.
    Your amazing body of work in the Human Canvas deserves wide recognition.

  2. Saw some of these in the main gallery when we visited Seattle. Great collection.


  3. Sandra Grace says:

    My first viewing of some of these images at the Seattle gallery left me awestruck – and I still am, that and filled with admiration for your talents and accomplishments.

  4. I think “Human Canvas” is your greatest work to date, Art! Masterful art; each and every picture!!! I imagine you’ve wowed them in NYC. I can think of no other response to this body of work, corporately and individually, than WOW!

  5. Avatar photo Art Wolfe says:

    Thank you all for the kind words!

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