Come Visit the Tetons

The Teton Range from Antelope Flats, Grand Teton N.P., WY by Jay Goodrich
The Teton Range from Antelope Flats, Grand Teton N.P., WY © Jay Goodrich

Our photography workshop instructor Jay Goodrich has just posted an article on the Outdoor Photographer Magazine Blog on his recent trip to Grand Teton National Park. This was his 47th trip there! That makes the workshop he will be teaching with Art, Gavriel Jecan and John Greengo at the end of August his 48th trip! With a group of instructors with this much experience why would miss out on this amazing workshop opportunity? There are only a few spots left. Contact our office now to experience Grand Teton in a way that many have not.

4 Responses to “Come Visit the Tetons”

  1. Kristy Walker says:

    cost of trip to grand tetons????

  2. Sounds like a wonderful photography experience. I would love to get away and do it, but I am caught up in exhibitions of Dad’s work right now. There are four shows on display at nearly the same time right now.

  3. Ara-shi Hinata says:

    Beautiful !!And this “Teton” make people feel very comfort!!Nice photo..!!!It seems that is a “proffesionnel” photographer !this photo has a special feeling when i saw it!!! It’s just wonderful!!!!

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