Since I returned from Asia, we have been working furiously to redesign Art Wolfe Inc from the ground up. A new logo designed by Girvin (think of the graphics from Nordstrom and The Matrix) was the first step, followed by our new website ( We are trying to create a resource for lovers of photography and the wild world.We have a ways to go, kinks to smooth, but we will get there.

In the following posts I will explain what we’ve done in each area of our business and mission. We have new classes, exclusive field seminars, more books, different prints, and are committed to providing lots of free content on the site.

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  1. Harold says:

    Did you ever get your equipment and hard drives back from Thailand’s demonstrator’s shut down of the airport?

    Looking forward in seeing the new site and workshops.

  2. Harold says:

    Sorry should have proof read first.

    Did you ever get your equipment and hard drives back when Thailand had it’s demonstrator’s shut down the airport?

  3. Art Wolfe says:

    Some friends picked up my gear at the Bangkok hotel and flew it back as luggage. I was lucky.

  4. terrybreedlove says:

    Hello Art. I have seen you at work years ago on 2nd beach near Lapush. I was just a young logger from Forks walking the beach with my little pentax K1000. That was back in the 80’s and I am not that young anymore and I am not a logger anymore either but I still live here and I am still taking photos. I have visited your Seattle gallery and office and someday I plan to actually buy a print. Great work I hope to see much more.

    Terry Breedlove

  5. The new site is beautiful, looking forward to new content on the blog as well.

  6. artwolfe says:

    Some friends pick up my gear at my Bangkok hotel. I was lucky.

  7. tomas calle says:

    Congratulations for your new web, it´s great. It would be fantastic to see you someday in Spain.

  8. terrybreedlove says:

    Lucky you got your gear back ! I posted some of my work old and new on my word press page. Shots taken here on the Sol duck river and HOH rain forest. I hope you take a look

    Terry Breedlove

  9. Josh says:

    Art, I have really been enjoying the second season of Travels to the Edge on my local PBS-HD provider. Any chance that you will be offering the serier on Blu-Ray in the near future?

    Looking forward to next season. Watching your show always modivates me to get out and try to take some great wildlife and landscape pics. Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration.

  10. artwolfe says:

    Thanks, Josh.

    We have no plans for Blu-Ray right now. Maybe down the line a bit.

  11. Caitlin says:

    Hello Art, I’ve really enjoyed watching ‘Travels to the Edge’. Your photos are breathtaking, and your enthusiasm in getting that perfect shot is infectious.

    By now you must have traveled to almost every country in the world! Is there one place you haven’t been to that you’d really like to visit?

    I look forward to season three. Happy traveling!

  12. artwolfe says:

    Thanks, Caitlin,

    I’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam and Laos. Congo and Yemen are sketchy yet compelling. I feel like I’ve only seen a few corners, despite all my travels.

  13. Saman says:

    Hi, I’m Saman, from Tehran,Iran. I visited Art Wolfe’s web site, that was very very nice, I enjoyed looking his photos.

  14. Saman says:

    There are very very nice places in Iran, I invite mr. wolfe to visit Iran and take beautifull photos.

  15. Harold says:

    Hi Art

    I been looking around in your web site and I couldn’t find any info on the gear your using.
    I know your using Canon products, btw I’m also using Canon. I’m also interested in the accessories such as tripods, ballheads etc.


  16. Any plans to do another seminar in North Carolina? I missed the one last fall… rats!

    BTW, my wife and I absolutely LOVE your show, Travels to the Edge. And, she surprised me with your book for Christmas. Great stuff!!!

  17. Art, I’m glad to see that you have a blog I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Your work is truly inspiring. It has changed the way that I look at my own photography. Good luck with the new website.


    If you ever need an extra man for a trip let me know!

  18. Love the new site Art, but its the images that put it above the rest. I like that you have a blog and actually type in it. Keep up the great work on Travels to the Edge.

    What kinds of tips can you offer for shooting in sub zero temperatures… I do fine when I am moving but once I have to sit in a spot I suffer, even with hand and feet warmers and multiple levels of clothing.

  19. artwolfe says:

    I am on the run so I’ll answer a few queries at once.

    Suffering is part of being in the cold, but I find that getting the warmest possible hat helps keep me warmer. Mitts are a lot warmer than gloves so in deep cold I use those with some fingerless or very thin gloves underneath.

    The only Creative Session I’m going to do this year is in my Seattle facility the first weekend in May. It will include a reception at my house for all the participants. We’ll have a description of the event on the site soon.

    I use carbon fiber Gitzo tripods and Arca ballheads.

    Finally, I would love to photograph in Iran.

    Thanks for your comments.

  20. I have two other question for you. I see alot of pictures on your site of people. Do you always have a guide with you that speaks there language? How do you get them to sign a NDA for use with stock company’s or for print in magazines.

    I know from your work that you focus creating an artistic presentation with your images. I shoot alot in Winter on Lake Michigan every day I find uniqe compositions sometimes they are good sometimes not. Usually my flaw is not composition its color… my ice has a tendancy to come out blue as its before sunrise. I for one find it attractive and it contrasts with the orange color on the horizon. I get alot of people saying to fix the color, usually its from the technical photographer group. The artist in me says its fine. I am sometimes torn between being technically correct and artistically. Am I doing something wrong with my photography.

  21. Buck Rivard says:

    Hi Art, your work is so incredible it takes my breath away! I too live in the Northwest, and im curious if you have any good daytrip spots in the seattle area? What are your favorite photographical hikes around here? Thanks.

    • Avatar photo admin says:

      Mt. Rainier is the richest opportunity: flowers, forest, animals, geology, and a grand landscape. I still go several times a year, even with all the international travel.

  22. UnitsbibDub says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  23. icoppyirors says: – now in my rss reader)))

  24. Buck Rivard says:

    Hi Art, have you ever had a chance to hike the Enchantments near Leavenworth? And if so do you know what the best time of year is to go?

    • Avatar photo admin says:


      The Enchantments are accessible from July through October. Early October is special because the larches turn golden, but in recent years you needed to get a reservation for a permit (even for a day hike), which is handed out by a lottery. The last time I checked, they gave out some first come/first served permits each morning, but a) that required some luck and b) I’m not certain that policy is still in force.

  25. Hi Art
    A few more questions for you as I am sure I will get the hang of blogs!

    ? What made you decide on Wildlife photography over all other subjects (even at an early age?)

    ? Out of all of the animals photographed, which do you prefer to do and why?


  26. ? To photograph Polar Bears one day is something I would love to do over all other photography, especially in their natural surroundings. How difficult are they to photograph?

  27. * How difficult was it to film the “Travels to the Edge” series? I asked Chris (Weston) if he would do any filming and he was not keen!

  28. *In articles written, it says that you prefer digital photography to Film, however, are there any aspects of film that you feel are missing from Digital?

  29. * Finally, (promise!)If you were to advise on becoming a wildlife photographer (or indeed a photographer in general) what would be your suggestion?

    Thanks for your patience!

    • Avatar photo admin says:


      You have pressed me to do something I’ve needed to do for a long time, create a FAQ. The answers to your questions will be a first step. Here goes:

      I have a degree in painting, but I am a self-taught photographer with no certification whatever.

      I was always attracted to the wild world, not just wildlife. Landscape and far flung cultures hold an equal allure for me.

      I don’t have a favorite animal although the charismatic mega-fauna and always rewarding to photograph.

      Polar bears are serious critters that will eat you if you let them. I suggest going on a Tundra Buggy photo tour in Churchill, Manitoba around Nov 1. That is a safe and rewarding way to get started.

      Filming Travels to the Edge is an amazing amount of work that requires coordinating with lots of people, moving dozens of bags, and generally impeding actual photography. It took us a while to learn how to work as a team so we could all get our work done well.

      Film does two things better than digital. The sun can overwhelm the sensor and create a weird overblown effect while film smoothes the gradations better. It’s easier to get good results on a multi hour star trail exposure on film. That is the end of film’s advantages. I will never go back.

      If you want to be a successful photographer, study composition, the work of the master painters of the last century and a half. There is a lot more to composition than the Golden Ratio. I concentrate on composition over technique in my Creative Sessions and Field Seminars.

      You must find an individual way to approach your subjects. “Me too” is a dead end. I wish I could be specific, but you will have to find your own way.

      Finally, you have to work. This is not a 9 to 5 job. Photography and the business of photography, including marketing, must consume you.

  30. Hi Art
    Thanks for answering all of the questions. Photography takes up all of my spare time and more now, and I have an understanding husband who gives me the freedom to go off at a moments notice!
    I agree with composition, it can be what makes it a breathaking, eye catching image.
    I will take on board what you have said, thank you for your time!

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