Portfolio Reviews

As any professional artist or editor knows, you cannot be an unbiased editor of your own work. Having your photography reviewed is one of the most constructive steps in elevating your work. A critique will provide invaluable feedback about what is seen and communicated in your image from an artistic, emotional, and technical perspective.

Art Wolfe is an eminently qualified appraiser, bringing his fine art education and 40 successful years as one of the most prolific and published nature photographers to support his informative and constructive eye for review. During his own fine art training, critiques were given to assist students in becoming stronger artists. It’s no less so with photography. Art strongly believes that critique is a necessary part of the creative process in order to keep improving your art.

The Purpose:

This service is not just for the advanced photographer – a novice or intermediate will equally benefit from a portfolio review. The real purpose is to show where you are today, and where to refine your work to take it to the next level and construct a foundation for continual improvement. Having an expert approach your work from a new perspective is a boon to pros and beginners alike.

The Process:

Thoughtfully selecting the work for review is a sure step towards improving your photography. In just a couple of minutes, you can easily upload your selected photos along with some information about yourself, and your goals as a photographer of any level.

We include the option to upload more photos than are included in the price of the review; this gives Art the flexibility to choose the images he feels he can give the most constructive feedback for based upon your goals. Art uses Adobe Lightroom software to organize and edit images.

*Please note – customer will be responsible for ensuring Skype is available and configured. Live critiques are scheduled during office hours, between 9 AM and 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time when Art is not traveling*

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