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lutaar1_00090There has been some comment on the latest Outdoor Photographer cover, an image of Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah with a full moon within the arch. Some have posited that I added the moon digitally. In fact, it is a double exposure I shot on Velvia at the beginning of the millennium. OP was informed but that nugget of information didn’t make it into the caption. It’s amazing how exercised people get when they think you’re trying to put something over on them, but I’m the same way.

It would be impossible to create that image without a double exposure. If you shot such an image wide enough to encompass the arch, the moon would look like a dot. It required a telephoto for the moon and a wide-angle for the arch.

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  1. Terry Barnes says:

    Well, maybe its a double exposure, but its sure a nice change from the Delicate Arch photos always published. I was just in that park but missed Delicate, oh well, maybe next year!

  2. Art Wolfe says:

    Outdoor Photographer Cover: There has been some comment on the latest Outdoor Photographer cover, an image of De.. http://tinyurl.com/mw9x4u

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  4. Some folks are a little tightly wound. A beautiful photo, no matter how composed, is art. I’ve seen this shot elsewhere and it was explained openly that it was a double exposure. Beautiful job, Art.

  5. Mike Sewell says:

    I Agree this is a great photo. I always have enjoyed Art’s view of the world. Makes me want to go and take more pictures. P.S. Don’t tell my wife.

  6. Heck! Great picture, Art. As always actually. Such a shame that OP does not ship to APO’s. I would like to have this issue.


  7. Eric Kaufman says:

    Latest Outdoor Photographer cover – a fake. :-(. http://tinyurl.com/mw9x4u (via @artwolfe)

  8. Benjamin says:

    Gorgeous shot, and it looks great no matter how you shot it!

  9. Mathew Gill says:

    What an lovely photo ,I like it.
    I have given a great honor of good Photographic.I am crazy for art.So it is very nice picture.

  10. Dave Prill says:

    Photography is the medium to capture light in moments of time. Photographs are the medium to capture the imagination. Art is the medium that combines the two.

  11. Greg says:

    Glad to see you ‘confess’ to the deed! 🙂

    I guess I’m one of those excitable people. Seeing and obviously synthetic image on the cover of a supposedly reputable magazine did wind me up a tad. The whole point of outdoor photography is to take pretty pictures of places you’ve been. If cutting and pasting becomes acceptable, why bother with all the hassle of traveling? Just grab some random images off the hard drive and layer ’em up! Presto, instant ‘masterpiece.’

    As an occasional lightning photographer, I roam all over Arizona searching for storms in scenic locations. This entails hours of driving, risk of electrocution, risk to camera equipment due to blowing dust and rain, rattlesnake fu, etc. The reward for all this effort is the occasional ‘wow’ picture. I can’t count the number of blatant lightningshop fakes that people try to pass of as legit. While there are thousands of lighting photos out there, over time the more popular and/or spectacular bolts become recognizable. It kills me to see a known bolt pasted onto someone elses landscape image. The losers who claim ownership never even left the driveway. Grrr!

    In short, I find the whole cut-and-paste mentality downright disrespectful to those who care enough to take legitimate photographs.

    -Grumpy! 🙂

    • admin says:


      A lot of people share your sentiments. However, I believe that an artist may do anything with an image as long as there is no intent to deceive, no misrepresentation. The image works as art or it doesn’t. In painting there was an outcry when the Impressionists distorted reality, but everyone is free to paint in the older styles if they choose. As long as we are honest, all is fair in my opinion.

  12. takeema says:

    I belive that you photo was so dreamy it’s that photo in my head when i’m dreaming that i try to tell pepole about but just can’nt get the right words out it’s my, happy place!

  13. Wayne Nelson says:

    A great shot of Delicate. Art did exactly the right thing in telling Rob it was a double exposure.

    I am exited to see there are still people who care about truth in the editorial use of photos. Of course anyone can do what they wish with their own imagery. A picture on a gallery wall, or in a art book (remember Migrations)is quite different than a book or magazine doing editorial work on a wildlife subject or any other.
    Digitally perfect images with extreme alterations, and yes I see them all the time, serve no purpose in telling the story of the natural world. The viewer/reader at least needs to know that every feather in a bird and every ounce of the land is not perfect. I am thinking of the best known bird photographer in the U.S. as I write this.

    I have always been a fan of Art and his work continues to lead the way.

    I mark my calendar as to when Travels to The Edge is shown.

  14. Nat Johnnie says:

    thank you for the job, I really love this series!

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  16. Billy Glass says:

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  17. Leigh Popik says:

    I found out heaps from this page, can’t thank you enough, I will come back again. There is a expanding need for informative sites like this one.

  18. Rob Oresteen says:

    Hi Art – I alway have been an admirer of your work but I too am one of those guys who take issue with this image.

    True as an artists, we are free to do what we may. But most who read OP are not of the cut and paste ilk. If the moon wasn’t big at the time, se la vie. Just because you made a double exposure at the same time does not give that picture any more credibility if you found a moon somewhere else and popped it in, IMHO.

    I’m fine with bending pixels in Photoshop (to a point) or bending light with filters, but for my aesthetic, a picture equals one click of the shutter. If the main elements are not there at that time, then take your medicine and move on.

    I do remain a huge fan, just expressing my honest opinion.

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  20. Dan Ballard says:

    Very strong image Art. To bad the info didn’t make the caption.

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