Upcoming Travel Opportunities!

•    Iceland: Northern Lights, October 23-29, 2013
– Only ONE space left!

•    Miami Feb 8, 2014: Art of Composition seminar

•    Tampa Feb 9, 2014: Art of Composition seminar

•    Olympic Workshop May 2-4, 2014
-Art’s most popular!  Attend & see why!

•    Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, June 18-24, 2014

•    Denali National Park, Alaska, Aug 31-Sept 7, 2014

•    Antarctica with Luminous Landscape, Jan/Feb 2015
-Tell them that Art Wolfe referred you!

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2 Responses to “Upcoming Travel Opportunities!”

  1. I’m interested in Art’s seminars and hope that some time in the future he comes to the Midwest, specifically NW Ohio or vicinity – Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland.

    Bill Rankin

  2. Maggie Bulmer says:

    Hi Art,
    I’ve just seen your trip to the Baja peninsula where you photographed the gray whales. You brought back memories of an “exciting encounter” with gray whales on Monashka Bay just north east of Kodiak Island. A single gray whales detached himself from the pod and barreled over to our small cabin cruiser. I ran to starboard to get a closer look as he approached, went out of my mind with excitement as I saw the barnacles on his hide then rushed to port to watch his emergence from beneath our boat. My brother Tom and his friend Paul, were dumbfounded by my east coast, Rhode Island response. They were experienced fishermen who knew enough to be alarmed at the situation while I was filled with pure joy at being singled out by a whale for a frolicsome visit.
    I completely understand your jubilant response to being so close to one of the most astounding and gentle behemoths of this earth.

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